February 13th, 2011

I love yaoi

Midnight Dalliance by S.J. Frost

Midnight Dalliance provides a little glimpse into the world of competitive show horses and their riders wrapped around a cute m/m romance story. Even with limited character development and cliched plot points, this story delivers some of the endearing chemistry and character personality quirks (Kelvin) that I have come to love in SJ's longer works. Maybe SJ will choose to write more about this world in the future, because she clearly has a knack for it.

Blurb: "For as long as he can remember, Dalton Harrington has loved horses. He’s watched in awe of the horses and riders in the competition world, but no horse and rider team captured his heart more than Sweet Revolution and Kelvin Crofton. Years of hard work has put Dalton’s dream of becoming a great rider within reach when he purchases the black stallion, Midnight Dalliance. Though he knows the horse is a destined champion, poor treatment and bad training has left Dalliance with scars he’s not sure he can help the horse overcome. When he takes Dalliance to a show, he meets Kelvin for the first time, and under Kelvin’s gentle guidance, he realizes he and Midnight Dalliance may not be the only ones destined to be a great team."

Midnight Dalliance at Torquere Press