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Two awesome shorts!

Last week I read two superb Torquere Single Shots. Both made me cry, and I loved every minute. sad95.gif

A Spirit of Vengeance by Angela Benedetti
Josh is lost in grief after the gruesome murder of his beloved partner Kevin, until he realizes that Kevin is dead, but not gone. Kevin haunts Josh, because he wants revenge. Yet in staying in the "living" plane, he gives Josh a chance to think, a chance to act, a chance to heal, a chance to say good bye and most importantly a chance to stay alive. Kevin might claim to be an angry spirit of vengeance, but I would say he is a loving spirit of protection.

Angela delivers a poignant story about love and life in the face of tragedy. Those brave enough to go along for the ride will find it entertaining, beautiful and very touching. Just know that it is the ride and not the destination that counts in this wonderful story.


What If You Slept by A.J. Wilde
Kevin's life takes an unexpected turn when his girlfriend suddenly walks out of his life. Lost and confused he runs to the train station and hops into the first train available, destination unknown. As luck (luck?) would have it, he ends up sitting next to Chris. Chris projects peace and control in the face of Nicks frustration and frazzled nerves. The connect in unexpected ways and become travel companions. But things are not as they seemed, and Nick's day of surprises is not over. Will he find the strength to do what he needs to do and take control of his future?

I love stories set in trains and train stations. There's something about trains and train stations that speaks of choices and possibilities, something that speaks of magic. A.J. takes that magical quality and weaves a fantastic tale of matched souls destined to be together. The writing style is beautiful and in some cases different for good reason. I love that this book hooked me in, keep me entertained, managed to surprise me, make me cry and leave me feeling high.


Both of these are fabulous stories. I highly recommend them for those who are looking for something out of the ordinary and are willing to enjoy an emotionally bumpy ride for the sake of an outstanding reading experience!
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