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Sahara Blue by Jan Irving

I very much enjoyed this story. In retrospect, I think I liked it so much, because I could completely relate to Seth. Seth may appear to be two people, but he's just two sides of the same coin. While some people may not think of this as a BDSM story, it has a very strong D/s component and Seth's needs and desires are at the core of it.

Sahara is a lovely character. Very limited background is provided, but then again, I have not read Mastering Toby. Who knows what awaits me there? Even with the limited background, I couldn't help but like Sahara. Any man who can embrace the name Sahara Blue and still go through life as an uber protective Alpha Male, gets my attention.

Truth be told the plot rambled a bit, but I was very focused on the relationship between Sahara and Seth, everything else was just part of the ride. I loved the descriptions of Sahara's floating home and Seth's fabulous shop. The author created a sense of place and space that resonated with me. The motion, the colors, the fabrics, it all fed a very sensual experience. My favorite setting was Mr. Chang's estate. I was so entranced by the description, that I found myself wanting to go there for a weekend escapade. (Hot and horny gay men included please!)

Those who enjoy D/s, Master/slave dynamics are likely to enjoy this story very much. Those looking for a realistic contemporary perhaps won't like it as much. For what it is worth, it worked for me.

Blurb: "Seth Hollis lives his passions online under the pseudonym “Lotus” and attracts ex-Navy SEAL Sahara Blue, who avidly follows the erotic tales of passionate submission Seth posts. While they forge a powerful connection, it’s increasingly frustrating, because both men yearn for something real. Seth’s writings have also attracted an unwanted and dangerous admirer, and when the glass window of Seth’s shop is shattered one night, fate sends Sahara Blue to his rescue.

Unaware he has actually met Lotus, Sahara takes Seth under his wing, and that same mysterious and deep attraction flares to life. But Seth’s deranged stalker won’t let up, and Seth and Sahara will have to give up their secrets and learn to trust if they’re going to keep each other safe."

Sahara Blue at Dreamspinner Press

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