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The Mark of an Alpha by Kim Dare

I absolutely adored this story.  The initial scene presents Alpha wolf Marsdon dominating an unknown wolf.  The wolf's face hooded.  His scent masked by perfume.  The scene is a beautifully crafted, utterly sensual example of bondage and submission. Emotions are strong and bittersweet as the two wolves struggle to enjoy their time together in what is to be their last encounter. Yet, life's twists and turns bring them together again.  They are given the opportunity to be happily ever after if they can only reconcile their responsibilities and obligations to the wolf pack with their inherent D/s nature.

While Bennett behaved in frustrating ways for a good part of the story, I could understand his thought process and forgive his stubborness.  In fact, his stubbornness led to an awesome final scene that I wouldn't have wanted to miss.  So just for that I forgive him.  ;P

Not only are the two main characters surprisingly well developed given the length of the story, but the supporting cast of characters is also developed enough to provide enticing insights into future stories and leave the reader wanting more. I found this story to be much richer in detail and emotions than other Dare novella's I have read to date.  I look forward to other installments in the series.

Blurb: "Dominance and submission mean different things to werewolves than to humans. Once Marsdon and Bennett try things the human way – nothing can ever be the same for them again.

Werewolf tradition is very clear. The alpha pair is the corner stone of the pack. Equality between the alphas is everything. Alphas mate with alphas.

Human leather clubs work to different rules. Dominants mate with submissives. Power is exchanged freely and for the ultimate pleasure of all. Sometimes the most alpha men in the club find happiness with the most omega men. And sometimes the omegas are more than they first appear to be.

A wolf might be able to hide his identity and play anonymously in those clubs for a little while, but he can't ignore reality forever. Marsdon and Bennett have lives to get back to, they have packs to return to...they have wolfen traditions to follow.

They have just one more night together before they have to lose each other forever. All they can do now, is make the most of it."

The Mark of an Alpha by Kim Dare

Tags: bdsm, kim dare, m/m
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