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Life Changes Everything by T.C. Blue

I love Ben. I loved him in "Life or Something Scary Like That" and even more in "Life Changes Everything". In typical T.C. Blue fashion, "Life Changes Everything" explores Ben's life in meaningful detail and provides awesome character development woven tightly with an interesting plot and some very hot sex. (Our boy Ben sure likes his showers! LOL) At first, I was a little skeptical about Ben and Aaron's HEA. It seemed so sudden and ill timed. Yet, I found myself falling for Ben and Aaron and wanting them to be happy. How could I not? The only problem in solidifying Ben and Aaron's relationship was the ghost of Jack and Cliff (Figuratively, Jack and Cliff are NOT dead and this is not a spoiler!). In order to bring full closure, the author gives us a scene that goes where I know many other authors wouldn't. It shocked me, it made me think, and unfortunately it also left me a little bit confused. I applaud T.C.'s daring to go there. I just wish there had been a little bit more explanation than was ultimately provided. Dare I hope for a third book in the series? Or maybe a short story that would let us see Ben and Aaron again? ;P

All in all, "Life Changes Everything" is a wonderful m/m erotic romance full of characters we know and love mixed with a dash of angsty drama. It is a must read for T.C. Blue fans and those who enjoyed "Life or Something Scary Like That". Also highly recommended for m/m erotic romance fans in general, particularly those who love a bit of angst. Like me!

Blurb: "Ben might be young and only recently out, but he knows what he wants, and the hot blond on the dance floor definitely fits the bill. The last thing he expects is to discover that he's not only met Aaron before, but that he likes the guy as well. That's something he's never encountered before.

Aaron's no player, but when the universe throws a tall, built slab of gorgeous beefcake in his path, Aaron knows better than to question his luck. Ben unexpectedly turns out to be smart, funny, and a really good fit, which is definitely a bonus. Ben might be young, but he's mature enough to keep Aaron interested, and happy.

They both have pasts and regrets, but everyone does. They're determined to work through their issues, though, and just when they’ve started to move on together, life happens, throwing complications in their path. Can their fledgling relationship survive when everything changes?"

Life Changes Everything at Torquere Press

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