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Blind Desire by I.D. Locke

I just read this book for the second time and I loved it as much as the first. The characters are fantastic. Quinlin is a Gifted human, a superbly talented musician with the unique ability to see auras. This is quite handy since he is physically blind, so auras are all he can see. A chance encounter with Ryzel sends Quinlin stumbling into the life he is destined to live with the demon he is destined to love. Demon politics, meddling family, handsome best friends and hot, hot, hot sex make this story a highly entertaining read.

True that the main characters are well developed and the plot is engaging. Yet what made this book stand out from the rest in my mind were the fantastic secondary characters. Even Quinlin's dead grandmother is a fantastic character. I would love to read a story featuring Ryzel's father and Quinlin's Aunt. Given the way the author dealt with Quinlin's best friend Haskell, I am hoping he will have his own story some day.

M/M romance fans, particularly those who enjoy paranormals are likely to love this book. It certainly left me wanting to read more...again.

Blurb: "A chance encounter in an alleyway has Ryzel, an incubus, chasing after Quinlin, the Gifted human who almost interrupted his most recent meal. Quinlin’s prickly attitude doesn’t stop Ryzel from trying to find him because a Gifted human such as Quinlin is the richest possible food source for an incubus. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Ryzel also finds Quinlin beautiful.

Quinlin is frustrated and annoyed that he can’t get Ryzel out of his mind after only one stolen kiss. A second encounter with Ryzel in a bar leads Quinlin to make the life-altering decision to sleep with the object of his obsession to purge Ryzel from his mind once and for all. One night of pleasure reveals details neither intended to tell the other about themselves. The wheels of destiny are set into motion."

Blind Desire at Torquere Press


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