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Acquainted with the Night by Tymber Dalton

This is an amazing story, but I have to be upfront and state that it is not for everyone.  Many if not all of themes addressed in this story are controversial (men as pets, male pregnancy, open relationships, menage of more than four...).  Also, the ending is NOT a traditional HEA.  I grabbed this book when I was down and looking for a pick me up and got the exact opposite. I cried and cried, but I could not put it down.  It is that good.

I am not much of a fan of sci-fi romance, mainly because most of the time the sci-fi world building gets in the way of my enjoyment.  That was not the case here.  Tymber masterfully provided enough detail to build a complex world without filling every page with made up words or convoluted descriptions.  The sci-fi theme is strong enough to make an impact, yet the focus of the story is on the people. The emotional impact is out of this world (pun intended).  The character development is fabulous.  It doesn't take long to fall in love with these guys, which makes it difficult to keep reading when the author puts them through the wringer. Angst fest doesn't even begin to describe it! 

In the tradition of great sci-fi writers, Tymber uses this book as a platform for social commentary.  It is almost impossible to read this book and not stop to ponder some of the implications.  It is also quite a challenge to read this book and not stop for other, more pleasant reasons.  Some parts of the story are perfect one handed reads. (la la la la la la)

This is an unforgettable story that will join other more traditional romances in my keeper shelf.  I don't know if I'll read it again, not sure my heart can take it.  Nevertheless, I am very glad I read it and had the opportunity to meet these fabulous characters.

Blurb:" Dale despised the Terran military. He was drafted, not a volunteer. He never expected to get captured by the Algonquans and sold as a breeder pet, either. He only prays his new owner is kind and doesn t eat him. Then he meets fellow pet, Mark, who informs him getting captured was the luckiest day of their lives. Mark also hated the military and now spends his days in a life of sexual leisure, enjoying poetry and totally at peace with his fate. Dale settles in and finds not only does he enjoy this life, he loves Mark, too. Despite tragedy striking too close to home in their protected world, they find room to love their Master s newest pets, Cooper and Nate. When the war ends and the Terran pets are granted their freedom, the men are faced with a choice: return, or stay with the owner they ve grown to love?"

Acquainted with the Night at Bookstrand.com

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